Azerbaijan Digital Hub

The “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” is implemented by AzerTelecom, a backbone internet provider connecting Azerbaijan to the global internet network, with the view to transform Azerbaijan into a regional digital hub.


About the program

The program is aimed to upgrade Azerbaijan's telecommunication ecosystem to align with the best international standards, to eliminate the country's dependence on foreign countries for Internet access, to add Baku to the global internet map and to establish an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in the country. The program is also designed to transform Azerbaijan from the importer of digital services into a country that produces and exports digital services under the brand "Made in Azerbaijan", becoming a main seller of Internet access in the region in the coming future.

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Mission and vision

“Azerbaijan Digital Hub” has the following mission and vision:


01Technology development

To contribute to the development of information communication technologies and digital transformation process in Azerbaijan in the conditions of the Industry 4.0


02Digital infrastructure

To build a robust digital infrastructure to facilitate sustainable development of telecommunication sector in the country

03Digital economy

To provide for rapid transition to the digital economy, establishment of the information society, and support for the rapid implementation of digitalization in the country


Azerbaijan Digital Hub

Program components

“Azerbaijan Digital Hub” consists of several components – projects. These projects include establishment of local and foreign backbone infrastructure, taking relevant measures to transform Baku into the Internet Exchange Point, construction of a big Data Center in Azerbaijan, digital transformation and building a digital ecosystem.

Establishment of digital ecosystem

The “Azerbajan Digital Hub” program has a mission to establish a new digital ecosystem in Azerbaijan and the region.

Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

One of the major projects in the second phase of “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program is to turn Baku into a Internet Exchange Point (IXP).

Regional Data Center

The construction of a Regional Data Center plays an important role in the second phase of the “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program.

“Digital Silk Way project”

One of the major projects under the first phase of “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program is the “Digital Silk Way” project which encompasses the establishment of digital telecommunication corridor between Europe and Asia.